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Calendar of Events, Hidalgo County

Below is a list of events sponsored by the College or of interest to our clientele. Events are tracked all over the state; the maps next to each event indicate where the event is taking place. If you would like to filter your results to a particular county, visit the county calendar listing.

2013 County Fair Schedule.

This list is filtered to show only events in Hidalgo County.

May 2014

May 10

Hidalgo County Gardening Series #3
This workshop will cover topics related to Good Agricultural Practices, Farm and Food Safety and Harvesting.

All classes are held at the old senior center 317 E. 4th St. Lordsburg, NM and run from 9 am to Noon. More info...

For more information, contact John R. Allen at 575-542-9291.
May 17

Silver City, NM
Home Composting Basics in Silver City
A Home composting class sponsored by Bernalillo County Extension Master Composters will be held May 17 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon at The Volunteer Center of Grant County, 501 East 13th Street, Silver City, NM.

The class is free and open to all. No registration is required. For more information, you may call Terry Timme, Silver City Office of Sustainability, at 575-519-8987, or send email to webmaster@nmcomposters.org.

Learn how to compost food and yard waste, an easy and fun way to recycle and to build healthy soil in your yard and garden. The class will cover the science, art, methods, choices, and benefits of home composting. More info...

For more information, contact Terry Timme at 575-519-8987.

June 2014

Jun 5

Hidalgo County 4-H. Discover the Powers of 4-H.
This workshop will be conducted by Senior 4-H members who serve in the leadership capacity of the Hidalgo County 4-H Council.

The council is tasked with preparing a high quality leadership training for other 4-H members in Hidalgo County. Each pair of officers will develpe and lead their workshops covering topics such as team work, communication, and building leadership capacity. More info...

For more information, contact John R. Allen at 575-542-9291.
Jun 13

Hidalgo County Youth Demonstration Garden Field Day and PNM dedication.
This event will highlight the work the Hidalgo County Cooperative Extension Office, the Spirit of Hidalgo, the Hidalgo County Food Coalition, and Hidalgo Medical Services has been doing at the Fairgrounds.

The garden has been highlighted in news papers and on the El Paso news station. The day will consist of presentations done by Extension Specialist, NRSC is going to have their water trailer available, and the Hidalgo County Extension Office will be talking about cover crops and soil health.

The event will start at 9am. The garden received a $10000 grant from PNM and we will be having a thank you reception at 11am followed by a BBQ lunch. More info...

For more information, contact John R. Allen at 575-542-9291.
Jun 14

Hidalgo County 4-H County Contest
This event will take place at the Animas High school. 4-H members will participate in various judging contest.

Qualifying members will then advance to the district and state events. More info...

For more information, contact John R. Allen at 575-542-9291.