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Beef Quality Assurance

The New Mexico Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Program provides beef and dairy producers with the necessary training materials to meet the requirements for becoming either New Mexico BQA Trained Producers or New Mexico BQA Certified Producers.

Consumers are concerned about the quality of the food they eat. The perception of safety and wholesomeness plays a major role in the buying decisions of a health- and diet-conscious America. The New Mexico BQA Program asks producers, veterinarians, and all others involved in the production of beef to use common sense, reasonable management skills and accepted scientific knowledge to avoid defects in the product we deliver to the consumer.

Beef Quality Assurance Training Module

If you are becoming "Trained" as a BQA producer for the first time you must take a written test to show that you understand the principles relating to Beef Quality Assurance. This test will be administered by the staff at your local County Extension Office.

Upon satisfactorily passing the test, you will receive a certificate from the New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service designating you as a New Mexico BQAU Trained Producer.

To become a New Mexico BQA Certified Producer, you must document a valid Vertinarian/Client/Patient Relationship (VCPR) by obtaining a vertinarian's signature on the appropriate VCPR document.