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Saturday, March 14th at 1 pm

Lunch at 11:30 am

NMSU Ag Science Center
Tucumcari, New Mexico

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In 1961 the Tucumcari Bull Test was developed to identify superior sires and gather important performance data to improve the genetic base for New Mexico producers and beyond. The performance seen at the 2015 Tucumcari Bull Test has been exceptional, with a set of yearling bulls proving their true genetic potential.

This group of superior cattle surpassed bulls in similar performance tests across the country. Bulls on test maintained an average daily gain of 4.01 pounds per day with an average weight at the end of the 182-day test of 1082. The extended pens and relatively high roughage diet has created a set of fit bulls ready for the breeding pasture.

To give you an idea of the depth of quality at this year's Tucumcari Bull Test, every qualifying producer in the Angus division has a bull represented in the Top 12 Indexing Bulls out of a field of 83-head. This year we have had bulls sustain over 4.5 pounds of gain throughout the test. In addition, we also have an excellent set of heifer bulls for those looking to rebuild. The numbers tell a story, but the performance and conformation of these bulls draws the best picture.

If you are looking for hybrid vigor, this year's set of Herefords will make a great addition to your bull battery. The high individual in this set of cattle had a test index of 118.4 and an overall average daily gain of 4.42. The industry talk right now, and justifiably so, is all about efficiency. The entire set of Herefords offered in the Tucumcari Bull Test sale averaged 7.79 pounds of feed per pound of gain. From the high gaining bull on down the line, you will not go wrong with this great group of Hereford cattle.

Angus Performance Data and Videos

Hereford Performance Data and Videos

Bulls were selected based on the Top 85% Indexing within their respective breeds with only the top performing bulls making sale.

The Tucumcari Bull Test and Heifer Development Program is jointly sponsored by the New Mexico Beef Cattle Performance Association (NMBCPA), Cooperative Extension Service, and the Tucumcari Agricultural Science Center of New Mexico State University.

Marcy Ward, Bull Test Director
Extension Livestock Specialist
Cell: 575-644-3379
Email: maward@nmsu.edu