The Tucumcari Bull Test is jointly sponsored by the New Mexico Beef Cattle Performance Association (NMBCPA), the Cooperative Extension Service, and the Agricultural Experiment Station of New Mexico State University.

Objectives of the test are:

  1. to compare gainability and feed conversion of bulls, and their sires;
  2. to encourage herd improvement through the use of performance tested bulls; and
  3. to demonstrate relationships among the production traits measured, in order to develop better methods of selection.

Bull calves born between January 5 and April 30 of the current year are eligible to enroll in the annual performance test. Bulls are delivered to the facility located at the Agricultural Science Center at Tucumcari the last weekend of October. Upon delivery bulls are fed and filled on 100% alfalfa for three days and then offered free choice access to NutreBeef Limiter. After approximately one week cattle are officially weighed onto the test. The duration of the performance test is 112-Days. Bull are weighed every 28-Days. Interim performance reports are available on the program website. At the conclusion of the test all bulls must pass a complete breeding soundness exam and be verified negative for Trichomoniasis and persistent infections of Bovine Viral Diarrhea (PI-BVD). Qualifying bulls are then offered at auction on the third Friday of March.