Riverside Angus

Alex and JoEllen Netherton
Sons: Cody and Evan
11579 Co Rd. FF .75
Las Animas, CO 81054
719-980-5075 cell
719-456-0714 home
719-456-0200 office

Riverside Angus annually markets about 60 bulls to commercial breeders from Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. We strive to produce cattle that can thrive in any environment, from salt grass to lush mountain valleys to the high plains of New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas. Surviving, being able to maintain good body condition and breeding back each year can sometimes be a challenge in those environments as we very well know.

Over our 25 years in the cattle business we've seen many fads and breeders come and go and we haven't always been immune to following those fads to some degree; but despite a few missteps over the years, we've made it through and we'll be here standing behind our animals as we always have.

Each year we select a handful of bull calves from the heart of our calf crop to bring to the NMSU bull test to gather the information and data that is so vital to being able to select the kind and type of bulls and the bloodlines that will best work and convert feed efficiently and make you more money both in the short term and in the long run.

We appreciate you considering adding our bulls to your program and will enjoy hearing back from you as to how your calves do.