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119th USAHA – AAVLD Annual Meeting

October 22-28, 2015
Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI
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30th Discover Conference - "Creating an Enduring U.S. Dairy Production Sector"

November 2-5, 2015
Eaglewood Resort & Spa, Itasca, IL
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2015 Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals

November 9-11, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
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Joint Stockmen's Convention

Dec. 3-5, 2015
Albuquerque, NM
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Jan. 26, 2016
Santa Fe Community Center, Santa Fe, NM
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International Agri-Center 4500

Feb. 9-11, 2016
Tulare, CA
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High Plains Dairy Conference

Mar. 1-2, 2016
Overton Hotel & Conference Center, Lubbock, TX
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Midwest Meeting ADSA

Mar. 14-16, 2016
Midwest Branch and ASAS Midwestern Section, Des Moines, IA

Animal Ag Alliance Summit

May 1-2, 2016
Arlington, VA
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Large Dairy Herd Management (LDHM) Conference

May 1-4, 2016
Chicago/Oak Brook Hills Resort and Conference Center, Oak Brook, IL
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US Dairy Education & Training Consortium

May 16 - June 24, 2016
Clovis, NM
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ADSA-ASAS Joint Annual Meeting (JAM)

July 19-23, 2016
Salt Lake City, UT
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13th International Colloquium on Paratuberculosis*

June 20-24, 2016
Nantes, France

2016 National Association of County Agricultural Agents

Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference (AM/PIC)
July 24-28, 2016
Little Rock, AR
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