Presentations & Proceedings

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Residue Prevention Training Presentations

Milker 1 - Fisiologia de la lactancia en vacas lecheras.pdf

Milker 1 - Basic lactation Physiology in dairy cows

Milker 2 - Comprendiendo la mastitis en vacas lecheras.pdf

Milker 2 - Understanding mastitis in dairy cows.pdf

Outside 1 - Examen clinico de vacua leacheras en el post parto

Outside 1 - Postpartum clinical exam of dairy cows

Outside 2 - Aspectos nutricionales de enfermedades post parto

Outside 2 - Nutritional aspects of postpartum diseases

Outside 3 - Manejo y uso adecuado de medicamentos

Outside 3 - Handling and proper usage of medication