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Environmental Support Programs

NMSU Dairy Extension works closely with producers associations such as Dairy Producers of New Mexico (DPNM) and Western States Dairy Trade Association (WSDPTA) to provide producers with sound science for the development of clear and reasonable regulation to manage the nutrient flow on a dairy with the ultimate goal to design economically viable options that creates a “closed loop system” which deals with ALL outputs in either air or water.

New Mexico Quality Assurance Program

In response to continuously increasing consumer concerns and demands for quality dairy products, NMSU Dairy Extension has initiated a New Mexico specific Dairy Quality Assurance program (NMDQA). The program which is supported by the New Mexico Livestock Board (NMLB) and Dairy Producers of New Mexico (DPNM) consists of an on-dairy evaluation of management practices by Dairy Extension against dairy industry standards.

Bovine Respiratory Disease Study

Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex (BRD) contributes to over 1.1M cattle deaths and an economic loss that ex-ceeds $692M in the US each year. BRD is the single largest cause of all natural cattle deaths (24.8%) since 1991 and is responsible for over 46% of all weaned dairy heifer deaths. Cattle are predisposed to BRD due to their genet-ic, immunological and environmental backgrounds. Despite the availability of vaccines, the prevalence of BRD has not been reduced.

Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium-Research and Extension

This multi-university, multi-disciplinary and interagency Consortium was established in 2007 to provide a recognized framework for coordination of rapidly expanding research, educational, extension and service needs of the intensive dairy production and processing industries in the Southern Great Plains. The focus of the Consortium centers on developing and adapting technologies and delivering educational pro-grams to enhance the efficiency and quality of milk production, and its related impact on the Texas economy and Southern Great Plains dairy industry.

Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium-Teaching

The SGPDC is organized to provide leadership, support and resources for the development and facilitation of education and research in large herd management, in coordination with industry, academia and government. The Consortium is able to enhance the dairy industry's competitiveness as well as its ability to produce a safe, wholesome and competitively priced supply of milk and related products. This is achieved in an environmental-ly sound manner through expanded cooperative programs of the various universities, state agencies and federal agencies serving the Southern Great Plains.

Workshop Information

Crucial parts of the NMSU Extension Dairy Program are tailored educational programs for stakeholders. Since the program was developed in Clovis, NM starting in January 2006 many different programs were conducted.