Workshops & Training Programs

Image of NM Dairy Extension workshop

NMSU Dairy Extension provides many programs for professional advancement. Workshops and training programs are provided throughout the year and on an as/needed basis. All trainings can be provided both in English & Spanish. Some of the workshops & trainings provided are:

  • Drug Residue Prevention Training: 1-day training sessions for milkers on: animal handling, recognition, diagnosis and treatment of protocols mastitis, and administration of medication, and for outside caretakers on animal handling, clinical examination of dairy cows, recognition, diagnosis and treatment protocols of health issues. The training includes lab sessions examining mammary glands and injection site lesions. Employees will receive a certificate of training.

Image of NM Dairy Extension workshop
  • Animal Handling Training I: A 4hr. classroom session for dairy employees focusing on animal behavior and how to interact with dairy animals based on their natural behaviors, instincts and and characteristics and how to anticipate and utilize how animals may behave in certain situations which may occur in a dairy setting on a daily basis. Employees will receive a certificate of training.

  • Animal Handling Training II (practicum): A 4hr. on-dairy training session for all workers directly interacting with animals to demonstrate, discuss and highlight how to use animal instincts concepts such as the flight zone, point of balance and pressure points how to correctly and easily move, sort and load animals throughout the dairy utilizing a video library for initial instruction and live on-dairy interactive training and practice. Small groups (up to 10 workers max) are preferred. Employees will be provided with a certificate of training. It is recommend to provide this training in combination with the classroom training on Animal Handling.

Image of NMSU Extension Dairy Training
  • Dairy Worker Safety Training: this 2 hr training provides individualized audio-video safety training using mobile-learning technologies (iPads) to cover safety aspects across the dairy farm to include topics such as working with animals, large equipment, chemicals, electricity and many others. The training consists of both level 2 and level 3 evaluations to see what impact the training has made on your operation and includes a certificate of training. The training is based on the successful video series developed by NMSU Dairy Extension available on Youtube. The way the training works is highlighted in this short video, Brochure