Family Impact Seminar

The New Mexico Family Impact Seminar is a service project for state policy makers provided by the Departments of Extension Home Economics and Family & Consumer Sciences. Family Impact Seminars - which do not lobby for particular policies - provide up-to-date, objective and nonpartisan, solution-oriented research information on current issues that affect families. The Family Impact Seminars are intended for state legislators and their aides, Governor and Lieutenant Governor's Office staff, legislative service agency personnel, and state agency representatives. Briefing Reports supplement the seminars.

One of the ultimate goals of New Mexico State University's Departments of Extension Home Economics and Family & Consumer Sciences is to enhance the quality of life of families in New Mexico. To this end, we bring the Family Impact Seminar to New Mexico.

Besides our web page, for further information on bringing a family perspective to policy making, see the Policy Institute for Family Impact Seminars website.

Seminars to Date:

  • January 2012
    The Continuing Recession: Impact on Economic Security for Families
  • February 2011
    Medicaid: How are States Controlling Costs? Are Children at Risk?
  • December 2009
    New Mexico Dropout Rate: Contributing Factors and Implications for Policy
  • November 2008
    The Impact of Incarceration on Families, Children, and the Community: Consequences and Costs
  • November 2007
    Early Childhood Development: The Economic, Social, and Psychological Impact of Education and Care
  • January 2006
    Saving Lives, Saving Dollars: Mitigating the Impact of Child Maltreatment
  • January 2005
    Family Violence and Children: Perspectives for Policy

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