Seminars by Year

The New Mexico Family Impact Seminar is a service project for state policy makers provided by the Departments of Extension Home Economics and Family & Consumer Sciences. Family Impact Seminars - which do not lobby for particular policies - provide up-to-date, objective and nonpartisan, solution-oriented research information on current issues that affect families. The Family Impact Seminars are intended for state legislators and their aides, Governor and Lieutenant Governor's Office staff, legislative service agency personnel, and state agency representatives. Briefing Reports supplement the seminars.

2012 (January) - The Continuing Recession: Impact on Economic Security for Families

Speakers and presentation topics:

Jeanne Hogarth, Manager, Consumer Research / Division of Consumer and Community Affairs / Federal Reserve Board

~Income Inequities: Income, Wealth, Mobility, & Economic Security

Jennifer Romich, Associate Professor of Social Welfare / University of Washington

~The Continuing Recession: Consequences for Single Parent Families

Jim Peach, Regents Professor of Economics and International Business / New Mexico State University

~The Great Recession, Families, and Children in New Mexico

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2011 (February)- Medicaid: How are States Controlling Costs? Are Children at Risk?

Speakers and presentation topics:

Carolyn Ingram, Senior Vice President / Center for Health Care Strategies

~New Mexico Medicaid: Where does It Go? What does It Do? Are Children At Risk?

Laura Tobler, Program Director / Health Program, National Conference of State Legislature

~Medicaid and the New Health Care Reform Changes and Connections. Are Children at Risk?

Vernon Smith, Managing Principal / Health Management Associates

~States' Strategies for Controlling Costs: Are Children at Risk?

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2009 (December) - New Mexico Dropout Rate: Contributing Factors and Implications for Policy

Speakers and presentation topics:

Luis Vázquez, Associate Dean of the Graduate School / New Mexico State University

~Dropping Out of Education in the Land of Enchantment: The Complexity of New Mexico

Ronald J. Werner-Wilson, Chair of Family Studies at the School of Human Ecology / University of Kentucky

~Families Matter: the Impact of Families on Academic Achievement

Florence Neymotin, Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics / College of Arts and Sciences / Kansas State University ~The Economic Impact of the Dropout: Now and Then

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2008 (November) - The Impact of Incarceration on Families, Children, and the Community: Consequences and Costs

Speakers and presentation topics:

Gail Oliver, Deputy Secretary for Reentry and Reform / New Mexico Department of Corrections

~The New Mexico Picture: Who and How Many Are Incarcerated?

Thomas Lengyel, Associate Director of Research / American Humane Association

~Incarcerating Parents of Minor Children: Who Bears the Cost?

Karol Kumpfer, Professor / Department of Health Promotions and Education / University of Utah

~Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration: Using Evidence-Based Programs to Strengthen Fractured Families and Improve Child Outcomes

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2007 (November) - Early Childhood Development: The Economic, Social and Psychological Impact of Education and Care

Speakers and presentation topics:

Arthur Reynolds, Ph.D., Professor, Institute of Child Development / College of Education and Human Development / University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
~ The Cost-effectiveness of Early Childhood Development Programs

David Riley, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Professor, School of Human Ecology / University of Wisconsin-Madison
~ Early Childhood Programs as Interventions: How They Work, and Options for State Policy

Eugene Garcia, Ph.D., Vice President for Education Partnerships, Office for Education Partnerships Arizona State University
~ Early Education Challenges and Opportunities with a Focus on Hispanics

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2006 (January) - Saving Lives, Saving Dollars: Mitigating the Impact of Child Maltreatment

Speakers and presentation topics:

Patricia Sandau-Beckler, Ph.D., LISW, Professor, School of Social Work / New Mexico State University
~ Psychoemotional Impact of Child Maltreatment and Strategies for Prevention and Intervention

Suzette Fromm Reed, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychology & Social Science Department / National-Louis University
~ The Estimated Financial Cost of Child Maltreatment

David Zielinski, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Center for Child & Family Policy / Duke University
~ Long-term Socioeconomic Impact of Child Maltreatment: Implications for Public Policy

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2005 (February) - Family Violence and Children: Perspectives for Policy

Speakers and presentation topics:

Victor LaCerva, M.D., Medical Director / Family Health Bureau / New Mexico Department of Health
~ The Adverse Impact on Children of Exposure to Domestic Violence

Sarah Buel, J.D., Clinical Professor / University of Texas at Austin - School of Law
~ Policies and Practices for Improving Prosecution of Domestic Violence Cases

Stephanie Walton, B.A., Senior Policy Specialist, Children and Families Program / National Conference of State Legislatures
~ Domestic Violence and Children: Options for Legislators

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