Beef Jerky Processing

The information presented here is a result of a collaborative effort by USDA FSIS, Utah State University and New Mexico State University. A three-day hands-on workshop was presented in Spanish with materials developed by Brian Nummer at Utah State University. These materials were used to develop the educational game. We also used other materials developed by University of Wisconsin.

NEW: Proper Beef Jerky Processing

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Utah State University Jerky Workshop Manual (English)

New Mexico State University Beef Jerky Workshop Manual (Spanish)

University of Wisconsin Jerky HACCP (English)

Universidad de Wisconsin HACCP (Spanish)

University of Wisconsin Jerky Cooking and Drying

  • Jerky Results A through K (English)
    Result A (Non Effective)-- Result B (Effective)-- Result C (Effective)-- Result D (Effective)-- Result E (Effective)-- Result F (Effective)-- Result G (Effective)-- Result H (Non Effective)------- Result I (Non Effective)-- Result J (Non Effective)-- Result K (Theoretically Effective)