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Forestry Camp

The New Mexico Forestry Camp is a 1-week program available to any New Mexican resident age 13 to 18 with interest in the outdoors. Forestry Camp is held in June at Rancho del Chaparral in the Jemez Mountains near Cuba, New Mexico.

The 1,200-acre camp, located along the Rio de las Vacas, provides an ideal setting with beautiful ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forests. Campers are exposed to orienteering, wildlife tracking, radio telemetry, storytelling, wildlife calling, forest and fire ecology, wildlife biology, range, soils, geology, recreation, law enforcement, archeology, and more!! New Mexico Forestry Camp's main goal is to educate young people on New Mexico's forests. Students learn “how' to think rather than “what? to think about forest issues. By increasing their awareness of our forests and gaining knowledge about the various functions of the ecosystem, students develop the skills to take responsible action for protecting and managing New Mexico's forests. Forestry Camp exists through the grass-roots support of individuals, communities, agencies, organizations, and businesses. The camp relies on outside donations for general operations, camper fees, volunteer camp counselors, natural resource professionals and other resource conscious facilitators.