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eXtension Progams

"eXtension is ... a space where university content providers can gather and produce new educational and information resources on wide-ranging topics." More information on its personal finance programs.


Small Steps to Health and Wealth

Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) Cooperative Extension's major health finance initiative is Small Steps to Health and Wealth (TM). This program is designed to motivate consumers to implement behavior change strategies that simultaneously improve their health and personal finances.


Investing for Your Future

Investing for Your Future is an 11 unit web-based home study or Six-unit curriculum for workshops for beginning investors. Basic topics such as setting goals, investment terms and finding money to invest lay a foundation for understanding how and why individuals invest. After exploring basics the course describes specific kinds of investments and how they are purchased. Tax deferred investing, investor fraud and selecting a financial advisor also are covered.


Financial Security in Later Life

Legally Secure Your Financial Future: Organize, Communicate, Prepare is a three-seminar program designed to educate participants to evaluate their legal status related to later life issues, develop a personal action plan, and take important steps to safeguard their familieis(TM) financial future. This web site contains all the tools an educator needs to plan, market, implement and evaluate this program..


Mi Propia Casa - Home of My Own

This site designed to assist potential homeowners gain the most up-to-date information on the home-buying process. The home-buying curriculum includes six sections available in English and Spanish. The Sections are 1) Managing Money, 2) Renting, 3) Deciding to Buy a Home, 4) Home-buying Process, 5) Maintaining the Home and 6) Being a Responsible Home Owner. There also are lesson plans and power point programs for sections 1, 2, 4, and 6 in the section for Educators..

Dollar Decision$

Dollar Decision$

A short budgeting lesson plan with Spanish version of manual and DVD available. Click 'Dollar Decisons' in this news coverage for its publications.

Grandma's Plate

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?

Death is a such an unpleasant topic that many would like to avoid thinking, let alone "planning" for it. Inadequate inheritance planning may lead to family conflict. This curriculum provides a guidelines on transferring personal property.


High School Financial Planning Program

Financial education geared for high school students by National Endowment for Financial Education. Designed for a total course package with teacher's manual, student workbook, interactive website game available. All materials are free.



Financial boost to nurture healthy financial habits among students and young adults.

America Saves

America Saves

One focus: Savings - start, increase, maintain.

Agent-Led Programs

Foot in the Door

How to Get Your Foot in the Door - A Job Preparation Guide (Laura Bittner, Valencia County)

Whether you are looking for your first job, switching jobs or re-entering the workplace, one thing is certain: To get what you want, you've got to work your way through a process. The Foot in the Door guide is designed to provide a basic understanding of the steps involved in finding and acquiring a job. Contact info: lbittner@nmsu.edu, 505-565-3002

Financial Budgeting for Hobbies

Financial Budgeting for Hobbies (Robin Baker, Lea County)

This is a craft, sewing and quilting programs course of various skill levels. Participants are taught the techniques to complete the project as well as budgeting, consumerism, and quality vs. quantity. Class topics throughout the year are based on suggestions from the general public, the store managers, and Lea County Extension Home Economist. Contact info: rmack@nmsu.edu, 575-396-2819

National eXtension - Personal Finance


eXtension is a national collaboration effort where professors and educators produce research-based, unbiased, latest resources to the public. Areas of expertise include personal finance, horses, Organic Agriculture, child care, home energy, and geospatial technology.

Besides wonderful resources, the personal finance eXtension group (known as Financial Security for All Community of Practice) provide online courses and a platform for the public to ask questions. These courses are:

  • Financial Success: Recovery after Bankruptcy
  • Investing for Farm Families
  • Love Your Money
  • Planeando un retiro seguro
  • Take the Road to Financial Security in Later Life