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Dustin Cox

Dustin Cox serves in multiple capacities for the New Mexico Department of Agriculture. Foremost he serves as the Director of Technical Operations at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. As Director, he oversees the laboratory staff in the arrangement of diagnostic testing on animals, including livestock for the purpose of controlling contagious and infectious diseases. He also functions as the veterinary laboratory's safety officer ensuring safe and proper use of equipment within current regulations, and managing the packaging and shipping of biological specimens. Alongside the VDS Director, he administers laws and regulations in relation to animal disease control while managing the quality assurance of the program. Dustin also retains the responsibility of Dairy Inspector for the Department of Agriculture as he has for the last ten years. He continues to inspect dairy farms and plants ensuring sanitary conditions exist for the safe processing of milk and milk products. Dustin routinely takes milk and other dairy product samples and performs equipment testing in all diary processing plants in his territory. Beyond these duties, Dustin is the Geographic Information Systems, or "GIS" Specialist for the Department. This includes collecting and maintaining a database of GPS points and associated data of every inspection point within the Department's jurisdiction. Also he provides maps and other geospatial visual aids to instructors conducting trainings or full scale exercises in agriterrorism disaster response scenarios.