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Emergency Information

This page is to inform you on where you can find information about your safety and also, how you can prepare you and or your family in an emergency.

NM Emergency Management

The State of New Mexico is following the guidance from the Federal Department of Homeland Security.

Local Contacts Information

Cities and Counties have local emergency management coordinators who are responsible for ensuring that their area is prepared to respond to manmade or natural disaster. The following list identifies these local coordinators and offers information on how they may be contacted to answer your emergency management questions. Specific cities have emergency management programs. First locate, from the list below, the county which you reside then if your city has an emergency management program they'll be listed there.

Preparing your family for a Disaster

Here are somethings that you could download for some more information on how to prepare yourself in an emergency.

Also you can view the text in Spanish.

  • Infuenza Aviar - Protegemos a Estados Unados

    Preparing for the Unexpected!

    Prepare for the unexpected

    Devastating acts, such as the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, have left many concerned about the possibility of future incidents in the United States and their potential impact. They have raised uncertainty about what might happen next, increasing stress levels. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to prepare for the unexpected and reduce the stress that you may feel now and later should another emergency arise. Taking preparatory action can reassure you and your children that you can exert a measure of control even in the face of such events.

    Here are some of the links you could look at if there was a bombing or a terrorist act;