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Foodgard Training for Food Processors

A Foodgard training for food processors in New Mexico was conducted using Centra. There were 160 participants at 32 locations in New Mexico, Louisiana, and Maryland. The training was designed to increase awareness among processors relative to intentional and unintentional food contamination and the potential consequences.

If you would like to review the web-conference archive, please contact Billy Dictson at (505) 646-4402, or email bdictson@nmsu.edu for instructions.

Overview of Biosecurity Prevention/Response Challenge

Presented by:
General Annette Sobel
Director, Governor's Office of Homeland Security


Presented by:
David Iglesias
U.S. Attorney, District of New Mexico

Threat to Food Critical Infrastructure

Presented by:
Debra Browning
Senior Intelligence Research Specialist, FDA

Case Study of the Scallion Contamination

Presented by:
Dr. Nancy Flores
Specialist, Extension Food Technology

Use of HAACP as Food Safety/Security System

Presented by:
Dr. Margaret Bock
Nutrition Professor, New Mexico State University

Food Safety Inspection Service and FDS Food Security Guidelines for Processors/Distributors

Presented by:
Lorie Stoller
Environment Supervisor, Health Department

Tools and Responses Available for Food Tampering Events

Presented by:
Randy Erwin
C. Cure Systems - UNM Services Health

FoodNet and Foodborne Outbreaks in New Mexico

Presented by:
Dr. Bernadette Albanese
New Mexico Epidemiologist