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Below you will find recent notifications pertaining to New Mexico. These are posted as we receive them. Our purpose is to keep New Mexico informed. For more information, click on the links provided to go to the source of these notifications.


September 2008 CIDRAP News Headlines

Produce company initiative yields new findings on E coli

Nine research teams that shared $2 million from Fresh Express, a California produce company, recently presented their findings on Escherichia coli O157:H7, revealing some clues on the pathogen's behavior on leafy greens that could lead to safer produce. (Read more)

Togo confirms H5N1 caused poultry outbreak

Agriculture officials in Togo today confirmed that the H5N1 avian influenza virus was responsible for suspicious poultry deaths that had recently been reported in a village in the southern part of the country. (Read more)

E coli 0111 outbreak apparently over

An outbreak of Escherichia coli O111 infections in Oklahoma seems to have run its course after sickening 314 people, putting 72 in hospitals, and killing one, Oklahoma officials announced yesterday (Read more)

April 2008: Brochure - Rabies in Southwest New Mexico

March 2008: Another Silver City fox tests positive for rabies; Catwalk fox bites woman

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

Contact: Dan Williams, (505) 476-8004


New Mexico Department of Health

Contact: Chris Minnick, (575) 528-5197

SILVER CITY - The Department of Game and Fish and the Department of Health are urging pet and livestock owners in southwestern New Mexico to vaccinate their animals against rabies after two more encounters with aggressive foxes this week.

Monday, a woman was walking her dog in Silver City when a sick-looking fox approached the dog and hissed at it. The fox was collected by a Game Department officer and tested positive for rabies Tuesday. The dog had been vaccinated for rabies. The fox was the second rabid fox confirmed in Silver City in the past month. There have been four foxes and one dog that have tested positive for rabies in Grant County so far this year. Eight foxes and one bobcat tested positive in Catron County in 2007. (Read more)