Beef Outlook & Commodity Issues

Grain & Oil Seeds: Domestic & Global

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Dr. Clay Mathis was named Director and Endowed Chair of the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management in July, 2010. As Director, Dr. Mathis leads faculty and staff appointed to the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management and oversees teaching and outreach efforts of the Institute. He maintains and develops curriculum for the M.S. in Ranch Management degree program, which includes more than 42 hours of business and animal production coursework and intensive project work tackling issues on large partnering ranches across the United States. Dr. Mathis works closely with the KRIRM Management Council to identify topics and speakers for the entire suite of KRIRM lectureships and the annual Holt Cat Symposium on Excellence in Ranch Management.

Back at the Ranch: Finding Leverage Points in Your Operation

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Effects & Outlook for the Beef Side
Rob Hogan, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Rancher Panel:
How We are Managing High Commodity & Input Costs