Available Workshops

Black and white grape and vine


How to prune grapevines in a commercial setting to maximize crop and quality. When, how and why to use cane versus spur pruning? Which pruning method is best suited to individual varieties and New Mexico’s climate? How can pruning mitigate spring frost damage? Learn which tools work best. Observe several pruning techniques. Practice “hands-on” pruning in the vineyard.

Two Separate LOCATIONS

January 27th @ Fabian Garcia ASC, Las Cruces, NM

Located at: Fabian Garcia ASC @ 113 W. University Ave. Las Cruces, NM 88005

February 3rd @ Jaramillo Vineyard, Belen, NM

Located at: 30 Cam Nopales, Belen, NM 87002


Limited openings- for February 3rd session: RSVP to: Email: Gill Giese ggiese@nmsu.edu or call 505-865-7340 for January 27th session, RSVP to: Email: Daniel Goodrich goodrich@nmsu.edu or call 505-929-3942

AGENDA 8:30-Sign-in

9:00-Introduction Background and orientation: Why prune grapevines? Impact of pruning on vine growth, yield and berry composition. Tools and safety.-- Gill Giese, Viticulture Extension Specialist, NMSU

9:30 -12:00-Practice pruning in the vineyard

12:00-Questions, Discussion, Adjourn

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