Planning For The Future

New Mexico State University, College of Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences (ACES) has historically been a strong leader in water resources programs which emphasize better use of water and reducing impacts on water quality. The college is thorough in addressing many water related issues which are aimed toward the social, economic and environmental well being of New Mexico. It is a goal of the College that the best available science be applied to all aspects of water quality, use and management.

The ACES sees water problems as the biggest challenge to a prosperous New Mexico future. The College recognizes that all concerns need to work together in order for our economy to move forward. ACES scientists and educators are well positioned to respond to New Mexico water issues. The ACES Water Task Force consists of a large number of NMSU research and teaching faculty who provide the University with an avenue for focusing water discussion, research projects, and financial support.

ACES faculty and administration are committed to providing their knowledge and expertise to aid the public in understanding the current and future water issues of New Mexico. The Water Task Force team has identified six important areas in which New Mexico's Water issues lie. They include:

  • Drought

  • Hydrology

  • Ecology

  • Watershed Management

  • Water Policy

  • Conservation

  • Water Quality

Through the coordination of the Water Task Force, faculty will develop and share research information relating to specific water issues and promote the mediation of water use for the state of New Mexico.