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Healthy Drinking Water

The Drinking Water site can teach you how to keep your drinking water safe and free of contaminants.

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H2ouse - Water Saver Home

Take a tour to investigate your water saving opportunities in each area of your home. Click on each location to show you both the facts and specific advice. Check out the Top 5 Actions to discover some of the best ways to save water in and around your home.

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New Mexico Water Connection

The goal of this website is to facilitate communication between groups working on water related issues in New Mexico, promote collaboration between these groups, and provide a guide for anyone interested in finding out about water issues in our state.

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Water Reclamation and Reuse

This website gives a brief overview of the Reclaimed Water Act and its implementation including a definition of reclaimed water and the explanation of how it is treated so that it is reusable. It includes pictures from actual reclamation facilities and uses of reclaimed water in Washington state.

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Hail Information Website

This site discusses the effects of hail with pictures showing the hail and the damage it has done.

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Global Hydrology and Climate Center

This website allows you to view weather forecasts, satellite images, and much more.

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Be Water Wise

Gardeners will love this site because it has all kinds of tips for how to garden without wasting water. You can do everything from search plant databases and get how-to-videos.

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WateReuse Association

This website features a newly established association having to deal with the reuse of water and how it will affect the quality of drinking water in the future. Learn all about the technical and legislative aspects of this issue.

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New Mexico - Texas Water Commission

Public Entities in Partnership for Sustainable Water Resources, the creation of the Commission and which states the original purpose, goals, and objectives of the Commission.

  1. To work together to study, identify and address common concerns and objectives with respect to water resources in the region, including the possibility of securing additional supplies of surface water for the region from upstream sources.

  2. To work together in a cooperative effort to maximize the utilization of waters provided to New Mexico and Texas through the Rio Grande Project in order to provide reliable and cost effective water supplies to meet current and projected long-term agricultural and municipal needs of the region.

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New Mexico Water Resource Research Institute

The Institute funds research to address water problems critical to New Mexico and the southwest. The Institute has a small staff primarily for research administration. The research is conducted by faculty and their students in the state's universities.

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Texas Water Resource

Contains information on Texas concerning conversation, buying and selling of water, Texas water law, recreation, waste water, and groundwater.

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USGS Water Resources Information for Students and Teachers

Comprehensive website of Water Resources Information for Students and Teachers from USGS.

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Dividing the Waters

The central purpose of the Dividing the Waters project is to improve the management and outcome of general stream adjudications and other complex water-related litigation affecting western people and the region's environment. Dividing the Waters seeks to improve communications between courts and the water users and communities affected by adjudications and other water litigation. The project also seeks to encourage the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) because negotiated settlements may reduce the length of an adjudication or other water law case, provide "wet" water to some water users sooner, and assist communities in addressing other important issues such as protection of endangered species, recreation and wetland restoration and preservation.

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NM Integrated Water Management Handbook

Irrigation water management is an integral part of a complete farm management program of soil, water, air, plant, and animal resources. The New Mexico Integrated Irrigation Water Management Field Handbook is intended to be user friendly for use by planners with producers. It provides guidance on how-to evaluate and understand site-specific field conditions. This will enable an increased understanding needed to evaluate and implement alternative best management practices for irrigation water management. We hope that the Handbook will assist water users in reducing water quantities and energy, costs for crop production, and the opportunity for ground water and surface water contamination, towards a more economical, sustainable, and producer-acceptable farming enterprise.

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