Spring 2013: Schedule and Curriculum

Bernalillo County Extension Master Composters

Please note that any detail below is subject to change. These pages will be updated if there are changes.

The Spring 2013 Master Composter Training will consist of 13 class modules as follows. The curriculum is modeled on other successful Master Composter programs in the USA. Class instructors are listed in the far-right column. Please see Spring 2013 Instructors for more information about the teachers.

All aspects of the schedule and curriculum are subject to change. Changes will be posted/announced as they occur.

In case of snow or other inclement weather, we will follow the Bernalillo County policy. Please check the Bernalillo County web site for closure information. Then check the Master Composter site for make-up dates.

03/02/13 Sat am 8:00-9:55 Module 1: Types of composting and reasons to compost John Zarola
    10:00-11:55 Module 2: The chemistry of compost and other chemicals of the soil Ralph Anderson
    12:00-12:30 Outdoor compost demo John Zarola
03/06/13 Wed pm 7:00-9:00 Module 3: Composting microbiology Judy Espinoza
03/09/13 Sat am 8:00-9:55 Module 4: Compost tea Sean Hardeman
    10:00-11:55 Module 5: Fauna involved in composting Judy Espinoza
    12:00-12:30 Optional compost demo and maintenance John Zarola
03/13/13 Wed pm 7:00-8:00 Module 6: Hazards and health and safety issues for the composter Judy Espinoza
    8:00-9:00 Module 7: Anaerobic composting Judy Espinoza
03/16/13 Sat am 8:00-9:55 Module 8: Vermicomposting Juli Kois
    10:00-11:55 Module 9: Roles of municipal and commercial composting facilities Walter Dods
    10:00-1:00 Optional field trip to Soilutions  
03/20/13 Wed pm 7:00-9:00 Module 10: Local soils and New Mexico weather and how that plays into composting Ralph Anderson
03/23/13 Sat am 8:00-9:55 Module 11: Compost problem solving and trouble shooting Gloria Manzanares
    10:00-11:55 Module 12: Tips on teaching Sue Ellen Bartholomew
03/27/13 Wed pm 7:00-9:00 Module 13: How to select a composting method/final questions Maria Elwan