Spring 2013: Student Project

Bernalillo County Extension Master Composters

Note that information below is subject to change. Please check back closer to the date to see the final details.

Outline an Outreach Presentation

As a Master Composter you will be teaching in a variety of settings to various audiences. It is useful for an educator to have an organized plan for what he/she is about to teach. Once the plan has been put to use, it can then be improved by modification and customization for future presentations.

  1. Write an outline for a future presentation that you might give. Any aspect of home composting is acceptable, e.g., Home Composting Basics, Home Composting Made Easy, Composting with Red Worms, The Ideal Backyard Composting System, Setting up a Worm Box, Constructing a Compost Heap, etc.

  2. Write brief objectives for your presentation. What do you want the group to know when you are finished?

  3. Mention your target audience, e.g., adults, children.

  4. Mention your teaching aids, e.g., posters, handouts, brochures, powerpoint presentation, worm box, compost bin, tools, etc.

  5. Estimate the amount of time it will take to deliver the presentation.

Completion and submission of a written presentation outline is a course requirement. Please submit to Judy Espinoza by April 30, 2013.

Other Projects You May Do

  • Develop a fact sheet

  • Develop a teaching aid

  • Submit ideas to improve our the website

  • Critique a resource that is on the website

  • Critique and edit or make additions to a chapter of our manual