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Image of Cindy Davies
Cindy Davies - County Program Director

Cindy Davies

Title: Interim County Director and Extension Home Economist

Office Phone: 505-243-1386

Email: csdavies@nmsu.edu

Cindy is the County Program Director and has been with Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Service since 2005. During her time with Cooperative Extension Service Cindy has served at the urban 4-H agent, the adult home economist, and now as program director. Cindy has over 30 years’ experience in the home economics field. A native New Mexican, Cindy received her Bachelor of Science in Vocational Home Economics from Eastern New Mexico University and a Masters of Arts in Agriculture and Extension Education from New Mexico State University. She also earned an associate's degree from Pacific School of Theology in Seattle Washington. Cindy lives in Albuquerque with her husband of 30 years Pat, they have 3 sons.

County Agents

Image of Graeme Davis
Graeme Davis -- Horticulture Agent

Graeme Davis

Title: Horticulturalist - Agriculture

Office Phone: 505-243-1386

Email: gdavis1@nmsu.edu

Graeme (pronounced Gram) Davis is an NMSU Graduate in Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science. He has worked at the NMSU Campus Arthropod Museum.

Image of John Garlisch
John Garlisch -- Agriculture Agent

John Garlisch

Title: Agriculture Agent

Office Phone: 505-243-1386

Email: garlisch@nmsu.edu

John is originally from rural Central Illinois where he grew up on a family farm. He was actively involved in 4-H representing Illinois at National Junior Horticulture Judging and at the National Club Congress. He attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he earned a BS in Horticulture (2002) and an MS in Agriculture Consumer Economics (2008). He served in various leadership capacities with the Hort Club, Collegiate 4-H, and Beta Sigma Psi (National Lutheran Fraternity), and he was a member of Pi Alpha Xi (Honorary Horticulture Fraternity) and Alpha Zeta (Honorary Agriculture Fraternity). During his schooling, he studied for a semester at Wageningen Agriculture University in the Netherlands and interned in Germany with the Deutsche Bauern Verband (German Farmer's Union) working at an arboretum and a rhododendron nursery. John is also a professional organist. Click here to learn more!

John joined the Bernalillo County staff in Spring 2010. He is working with 4-H youth, assisting local farmers with business and production planning, facilitating agricultural educational programs and outdoor classroom projects with area schools, and answering questions from the public concerning the identification of plants and their culture, production, diseases, and pests.

Brittany Grube
Brittany Grube

Brittany Grube

Title: Urban 4-H Agent

Office Phone: 505-243-1386

Email: bgrube@nmsu.edu

Brittany grew up in central Florida, about an hour north of Orlando. She was very active in the local 4-H and FFA, participating in projects including horse, swine, steer, poultry, rabbit, citrus and veterinary medicine. She began her college career in 2007 when she attended the University of Florida. There she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture Education and Communication, with a focus on teacher education. This allowed her to obtain her 6th-12th grade Agriculture Teacher Certification for the State of Florida. During her time as a Florida Gator, she was actively involved with Sigma Alpah (a professional agricultural sorority) and Collegiate 4-H. She was also a rider for the Florida Equestrian Team, competing in Western Horsemanship, Reining, and Hunt Seat Equitation. Upon her graduation from the University of Florida in 2011, Brittany traveled out to Texas to pursue a Master’s of Science in Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication focusing on Extension Education. While at Texas A&M, she was an active member of Collegiate 4-H and spent a year riding with the Polo Team. Her thesis was on the Texas Quality County program, a livestock ethics and quality assurance program required of all 4-H and FFA members showing at the large Texas Livestock Shows. Brittany also held an assistantship with the Ecosystem Science and Management Extension Unit coordinating the Texas Range Webinar Series.

Brittany joined the Bernalillo County Extension Service in August of 2013 as the Urban 4-H Agent! She is excited to be working with youth teaching farm-to-food literacy as well as other non-traditional 4-H programs, such as robotics.

Sarah Haynes

Title: ICAN Coordinator Bernalillo County

Phone: 505-243-1386

Email: shaynes@nmsu.edu

Sarah Haynes comes to Bernalillo County Extension as the new coordinator for the Ideas for Cooking and Nutrition - ICAN program. She will be mentoring health educators and providing outreach to expand program in low-resource and diverse communities in the county through cooking and nutrition education. She brings experience in community health education and chronic disease prevention through diet and exercise and community based participatory research. Her work to date involves program planning and education with people of all ages around gardening and meal preparation and has been a professional chef for clients with special diets. Sarah feels that her new role speaks about her passion to help families in Bernalillo County who utilize ICAN because she can personally account of the impact it had in her life as a new mother and she enjoys giving back to her community. She and her husband, Felipe have two kids and are enthusiastic Highland Hornets fans.

Susan Resneck-Fisch

Title: 4-H Youth Home Economist

Phone: 505-243-1386

Email: srfisch@nmsu.edu

Susan joined the Bernalillo County office in June 2015 and oversees the 4-H Youth Home economics projects and youth development.

Image of James "Elliott" Sachse
James "Elliott" Sachse

James "Elliott" Sachse

Title: County Extension Agent- 4-H Agriculture

Office Phone: 505-243-1386

Email: esachse@nmsu.edu

Elliott Sachse began his career sometime around the third grade; mowing old lady Scarbrough's expansive lawn. The left front wheel of her 18 inch lawn mower would arbitrarily fall off, and somehow, on occasion while starting the mower it would give you a shock. While mowing, she'd call him in from the front porch for a refreshing drink of lemonade that came from a pre-sugared can. She added more sugar to his glass to assure the concoction was adequately sweetened. Once the lemonade was supersaturated and the consistency of syrup, she proclaimed it ready, always mentioning, 'They never put enough sugar in the pre-sweetened powdery stuff.' He had a number of other jobs throughout high school and college in his home town of Las Cruces, N.M. including: construction grunt, car wash attendee, tin-knocker, greenhouse worker, and landscaper. He worked at cattle feed yard one summer in Kansas and had a failed career as a dishwasher at an Italian Restaurant where he was fired after one night. Elliott received a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science from New Mexico State University and a Masters Degree in Agricultural and Extension Education also from New Mexico State University. Upon graduation, he was employed at DeKalb Swine Breeders in Plains, KS. until he received his current position at NMSU- Bernalillo County Extension Service in 1992. His job responsibilities lie within the realm of the 4-H program which is the youth serving branch of the Extension Service. Elliott and his wife Vonnie have four children; Evan, Hannah, Jeremy and Heather.

Image of Donna Parker Sauter
Donna Parker Sauter

Donna Parker Sauter

Title: Home Economist / ICAN

Office Phone: 505-243-1386

Email: sauter@nmsu.edu

NMSU Cooperative Extension County Family & Consumer Science Agent. Ideas for Cooking & Nutrition Program Coordinator. Donna Sauter is our Ideas for Cooking and Nutrition (ICAN) Coordinator. She has worked in the field of child nutrition, public health and nutrition education for over 20 years. She holds an undergraduate degree in Home Economics from New Mexico State University as well as a Master of Science degree in Nutrition from the University of New Mexico. Donna is a registered dietitian. She has an interesting variety of work experience ranging from working with the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program to working with adults with developmental disabilities in a long term care setting. Most recently, she was the Nutrition Education and Training Manager for the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department, Family Nutrition Bureau. Donna is excited to work with the ICAN Program in Bernalillo County to expand and enhance the audience who receives this very important and life-changing education.

Administrative Staff

Image of Lauri A. Martino
Lauri A. Martino

Lauri A. Martino

Title: Administrative Asst.

Office Phone: 505-243-1386

Email: lmartino@nmsu.edu

Lauri joined the staff at Bernalillo County Extension in June 2000 as the ICAN program secretary. She became the County Director's Administrative Assistant in November 2005, the position which she currently holds.

Image of Virginia D. Chaves
Virginia D. Chaves

Virginia D. Chaves

Title: Administrative Asst

Office Phone: 505-243-1386

Email: vchaves@nmsu.edu

Virginia Chaves is the Administrative Assistant, General of Bernalillo County Extension Service and has worked for extension for almost thirteen years. She maintains the 4-H member database and other 4-H responsibilities as well as assisting with any other office administration needs. She was a 4-H Leader for 10 years, along with her husband James, while her three sons were growing up and has an appreciation for the 4-H Program.

Image of Monica Holguin
Monica Holguin

Monica Holguin

Title: Administrative Assistant

Office Phone: 505-243-1386

Email: mlholg@nmsu.edu

Monica Holguin, I am the ICAN Administrative Assistant for Bernalillo County Extension Office. I have been employed with New Mexico State University for nearly four years now. I am bilingual and I have an associate degree in applied science and I take pride in my work with Bernalillo County Extension Services.

Image of Brian Hinds
Brian Hinds

Brian Hinds

Title: Computer Specialist l- ACES IT

Office Phone: 505-243-1386

Email: hinds@nmsu.edu

Brian has worked for NMSU since 2008. Although he is based in Albuquerque, his position actually provides IT support for 16 Extension Offices and Ag Science Centers located in northwest New Mexico. Brian grew up in Caledonia, NY, and Delaware, OH. Prior to joining NMSU, he worked as a Nuclear Weapons Specialist for the U.S. Air Force and Manufacturing Tech/Emergency Responder for Intel Corporation. His personal interests include cars, computers, photography and home theaters systems.

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