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Chris Behl's Christmas Style Green Chile Mix

Green & Red Chile -- so vibrant
Gotta love that color!

This is my favorite time in New Mexico, you can feel cool fall weather coming, and smell the chile roasting!

Wait until the chile purveyors have both green chile and ripe red chile available, usually end of September, early October.

I buy one bushel of medium heat green chile, and one bushel of ripening medium heat red chile. The red chile has turned red but is not dry yet. In other words, it still has "meat" on the pods, just like the green batch.

Have them roast the green and red chile separately, the red chile will roast much faster than the green. If both are roasted together, the green will be roasted and the red will be burned. The burned red ones have to be pulled out with much labor and sent to the composter.

After roasting, peel the chiles and prepare to chop into chunks as fine or coarse as you want:

Image of roasted chile on a cutting board

Chunky Chile:

Image of chunkily chopped chile

Mix the chopped chile:

Image of mixed chile

Load chile mix in snack bags for freezing:

Image of chile mix being stored in plastic storage bags

Load chile mix on sandwich:

Image of chile mix on bread
Yummy with Mayo!

Enjoy throughout the year!