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Corrales Elementary School Garden - Caterpillars Garden Club


The Placitas Caterpillars Garden Club is a fun after school club for grades 3-5. The students learn to grow vegetables in their very our own garden. The students plant, grow and pick their own crops like tomatoes, strawberries, basil, peppermint, and carrots. They grow plants in their green house from late fall through the early spring months.

This past school year the students created an outdoor compost pile and started an indoor worm composting bin. Many new worms were added to the outdoor garden this spring from the latter. The "Caterpillars" work on garden craft projects during the cold months, such as making fresh holiday wreaths and creating their own terrariums.

The Placitas Caterpillars received high marks for student engagement in the 2013/2014 school year from the auditors of the company that finances the Placitas after school clubs.

Volunteers: Sandoval County Master Gardeners come once a week during the school year to assist the teacher and to teach the students gardening subjects. Master Gardeners develop the Caterpillar's yearly garden club curriculum with approval from the teacher.

This project is open to public volunteer participation. Contact the SCMG project Co-chairs for more information

Project Meeting Time: Wednesday 2:50 pm - 3:45 pm from mid-August through late April.

Contact: Sandra Liakus SCMG Co-Chair; shana.12@netzero.com Donna Popp SCMG Co-Chair; dpp3@live.com