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Corrales Elementary School Garden


2014 FISCAL YEAR CHAIR(S): Judy Jacobs, Chairperson

MEETING LOCATION: Corrales Elementary School, 200 Target Road, Corrales, NM

NUMBER OF VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: 8 to 10 Total, Minimum of 6 each week.

TYPICAL MEETING TIME(S) DURATION: We meet on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to 12:30. Our program runs from September through November in the fall, and January through May in the spring.

BRIEF PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Volunteers prepare and present garden-related activities to two classes of fifth-graders at Corrales Elementary. A ratio of 8 students to 2 adults provides the necessary support to offer hands-on projects exclusively. The school is fortunate to have four raised beds in a protected, south-facing courtyard, as well as indoor space for our activities.

MAIN EDUCATION/TRAINING TASKS: Students learn gardening skills through a variety of activities, including collecting seeds, seed starting, transplanting, insects, weather, water conservation, soils, composting, botanical drawing, garden design, botany and many more.

BENEFICIARIES OF THE PROJECT: Corrales Elementary School students are the beneficiaries of this program.

LIST ANY RESTRICTIONS OR SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Volunteers should enjoy working with children.

Contact: Judy Jacobs