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Corrales Harvest Festival and Heritage Day

Plan to attend the Corrales Heritage Day and Corrales Harvest Festival at the historic Casa San Ysidro Church in Corrales, NM. The SCMG give the kids new world seeds (corn, beans, sunflowers, marigolds, etc.) for the celebration. The children plant the seeds in little 4-pack plastic seedling starter packs. They take them home in a plastic bag that the SCMG explain is a mini-greenhouse; included is some written material on how seeds grow. The location is at Casa San Ysidro (a branch of the Albuquerque Museum) on Old Church Road across the street from the Old Historic Church in Corrales.

The Corrales Harvest Festival is an annual two day event that takes place each year throughout the village of Corrales during the last weekend in September. The Festival showcases agriculture, merchants, artwork, performing arts and historic culture in the Village of Corrales.

Corrales Heritage Day is a spring celebration of the village's history. This celebration is held at the Old San Ysidro Church and at Casa San Ysidro in the village's old plaza on Old Church Road. The event is usually scheduled for the Saturday before the Sunday in mid-May when a special outdoor mass is performed outside the Old Church to honor Corrales' patron saint San Ysidro.

2012-2013 FISCAL YEAR CHAIR(S): Mary DeMar & Therese Barts

MEETING LOCATION: Casa San Ysidro Museum, 973 Old Church Rd., Corrales, NM 87048


Meeting days are:
Corrales Heritage Day, Saturday, May 18, and Corrales Harvest Festival, the last Saturday & Sunday September, 28 & 29.
Volunteer shifts are usually: 10 am - noon, noon - 2 pm, 2 pm - 4 pm The co-chairs welcome any assistance offered by SCMG volunteers for securing supplies of seeds, planters, and copying and obtaining brochures and information cards before the festival days at the Casa.

BRIEF PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project consists of planting activities, with New Mexico historical significance, for children plus offering general gardening advice as requested for the attendees at the Casa for these special events. Children can plant Indian corn, Anasazi beans, pinto beans, scarlet runner beans, marigolds, sunflowers in a small 4-pack planter to take home on Heritage Day. For the Harvest Festival, children are offered garlic and hollyhock kits, etc., to take home to plant. We also offer a limited number of general planting brochures for adults, and business cards with hotline info and during Harvest Festival sample tastings of assumed heritage fruit grown at the Casa. Distributing the assumed heritage peach pits (when available) has been gratifying with reports of successful sprouting.

MAIN EDUCATION/ TRAINING TASKS: No special training besides the SCMG course work is required.

BENEFICIARIES OF THE PROJECT: The beneficiaries are the general public, the SCMG volunteers, the Albuquerque Museum (the parent organization of the Casa), and the Village of Corrales and it's sponsoring organizations. Everyone involved in this project benefits from the experience.

LIST ANY RESTRICTIONS OR SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Dogs and other pets are not allowed at the Casa. Strollers are not permitted. Volunteers should wear sunscreen and bring drinking water.

Contact: Therese Barts

Heritage Day, May 18, 2013

Heritage Day, May 18, 2013

SCMG at Casa San Ysidro Heritage Day, May 18, 2013 by T. Barts

Congratulations to 9 SCMGs (plus me) getting a good head start on volunteer hours by participating in the children's planting activity on Heritage Day, Saturday, May 18 AT Casa San Ysidro in Corrales.

We worked with 36 children who chose from black seeded sunflower, giant sunflower, pinto bean,scarlet runner bean, strawberry pop corn, Indian corn, and marigold seeds to plant in little black plastic 4-packs graciously donated by Lifetime SCMG, Judy Jacobs. It was service beyond the call of duty for Judy to scurry up the planters in the midst of moving.

We also answered many questions, recommended good planting practices, and distributed SCMG basic information and other pamphlets and Hotline business cards to interested adults.

Many thanks to Denise Alexander, Jan Atha, Edward Barts, Mickie Frazier-Koontz, Sandy Ganzel, Harry Linneman, Christine Mink, Russ Nagel, and Richard Taylor.

Mary DeMar, this project's co-chair, reports that her present medication is doing its job and that she is managing pretty well these days.

Thank you letter to SCMG from the Albuquerque Museum