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Idalia Road Market Place/ SCMG Horticulture Help Booth


DESCRIPTION: SCMG Horticultural Help Booth, which will be in operation at least once per month, most likely during a market place scheduled festival weekend from May through October. Master Gardener volunteers will advise Rio Rancho growers and residents on gardening and plant questions along with promoting general interest in gardening and the SCMG organization.

LOCATION: The Idalia Road Market Place is located at 1320 Idalia Road in Rio Rancho, and is open from the first weekend in May through the last weekend in October.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: 2-3 volunteers per the scheduled operating times of the SCMG Help Booth.

DATES AND TIMES: 2014 Dates to be announced.

BOOTH ACCESS: A booth will be provided at no-charge by the market owners, Marc and Phyllis Calderwood, and will be located in the non-profit section of the market place.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR VOLUNTEERS: Bring water. Wear protective clothing, hat, sun screen and your SCMG badge. Bring SCMG organizational information along with horticultural reference materials.