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Mentoring Interns

2013 FISCAL YEAR CHAIR(S): Jennise Phillips

MEETING LOCATION: At the SCMG CES Hearing Room prior to an Intern Training Class at specified meetings January - March. Typically there is one meeting scheduled per month during the Intern Training session. Afterwards mentors may contact interns by phone or e-mail to keep in touch throughout the volunteer year.

NUMBER OF VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: There may by up to 20- 30 Veteran SCMG volunteers needed to mentor. The number depends on the Intern class size. Sometimes volunteers are paired with just one Intern, and sometimes two Interns. Volunteers are paired with Interns based on geographical proximity and project interest preferences.

TYPICAL MEETING TIME(S)/ DURATION: One hour meetings during the Intern Training session. These meetings are typically scheduled 1 - 1.5 hours prior to the start of an Intern Training class. Often these meetings are designated as Brown Bag lunches. Mentors and Interns typically meet one-time per month during the Intern Training session.

BRIEF PROJECT DESCRIPTION: SCMG Veteran volunteers mentor or guide Interns during the Training Session (January - March) and through the rest of the Volunteer Year. Mentors answer Intern questions regarding the SCMG Training Program and guide Interns in meeting their requirements to become a Master Gardener. Please refer to the Mentor Mission Statement.

MAIN EDUCATION/ TRAINING TASKS: The main tasks for Mentor Volunteers are to provide guidance and support to the Interns until they graduate in September.

BENEFICIARIES OF THE PROJECT: Both the Interns and the SCMG organization are the beneficiaries of the Mentor Project. The Interns will benefit by getting one-on-one guidance and moral support to meet the Master Gardener graduation requirements. The SCMG organization benefits from the Mentor Program by having a new class of Master Gardeners prepared to volunteer and contribute to the community and to the well being of the SCMG organization.

LIST ANY RESTRICTIONS OR SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: A volunteer must be a Sandoval County Master Gardener Veteran to be a Mentor.

Contact: Jennise Phillips, Mentor Program Project Chair