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Meadowlark Rose Garden

Kathy giving Rose pruning demo at the Meadowlark Senior Center
rose pruning
SCMG sponsor a rose pruning demonstration at the Meadowlark Senior Center mini rose bed 4330 Meadowlark Lane SE, east of NM 528, in Rio Rancho in March.

The Meadowlark rose garden is located at the east entrance to the Meadowlark Senior Center at 4330 Meadowlark Lane, SE in Rio Rancho. The garden consists of three small flower beds containing an assortment of roses, bulbs and perennials. Volunteer opportunities include
-assisting with the annual rose pruning demo
-pruning and fertilizing the roses
-deadheading the roses and perennials
-monitoring the beds for signs of insect damage and disease
-answering gardening questions

1. In late January or early February, schedule a rose pruning demo at the Meadowlark Senior Center. Talk to Lorrie Welby at Meadowlark Senior Center to schedule a meeting room and to get the event advertised in their news bulletin. Also talk to someone about doing the demo. Recruit additional volunteers to help set-up the room and handle sign-in sheets and other materials. This is a popular event. Allow room for 20 to 30 participants. Avoid having this demo scheduled in a room shared with other activities, e.g. card games, because it makes it difficult to hear the speaker.
2. Prepare flyers advertising the event and send them to the Publicity Chair for distribution in the county. Also provide flyers for distribution at the MG training class.
3. Assist with the rose pruning demo.
4. Prune the remaining roses and clean up the flower beds in early March.
5. In early March, make sure that the Rio Rancho Parks Department has turned on the irrigation system. If not, talk to Barbara Bayer at Meadowlark Senior Center. In early spring, we generally water 20 minutes, twice a week. After the weather warms up, increase the watering time to 20 minutes, three times a week.
6. Check the garden with a moisture sensor at least twice a month to make sure that drip emitters are working and that the irrigation time is adequate. Replace drip emitters as necessary.
7. Fertilize the roses once a month from April through the 1st of September.
8. Deadhead the roses and perennials once a week throughout the growing season.
9. Monitor the beds for signs of insect damage and disease and deal with these problems appropriately. Talk to the County Extension Agent if you have any questions.
10. Answer gardening questions from individuals visiting the senior center. If you cannot answer a question, either take their name and number and get back to them or refer them to the Sandoval Co Master Gardener Hotline.

Contact: Carol Marr