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SCMG Home Visits

Please print home visit form to record events of visit, date, address, name of client and other pertient information for SCMG records.

Please feel free to contact the Sandoval County Extension Office for more information at 867-2582

2014 FISCAL YEAR PROJECT CHAIR(S): SCMGs Sandra Liakus and John Zarola

MEETING LOCATION: Volunteers meet at the home property of a Sandoval County resident requesting the home visit or that was referred by the Hotline or Extension Office. Home visit requests are scheduled and organized by the project chairs. It is encouraged that multiple volunteers car pool to the residence.

NUMBER OF VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: 1-3 Master Gardener Volunteers per visit. Once notified of a home visit volunteers must be prepared to commit to timely respond to the client's request.

TYPICAL MEETING TIME(S)/ DURATION: Home Visit requests come throughout the year, but are more common during the Hotline/ growing season: March to October.

1 hour per visit is the typical duration time. (Note: Approximate round trip miles should be recorded for each visit.) Additional time may be required for follow-up research.

BRIEF PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Home Visits are typically requested through the Hot Line or Hot Line-type project activities such as Plant Clinics and Growers Market Panels, organized by Master Gardeners to answer plant or gardening questions. A home visit request may also come through the Extension Office by the Agriculture Agent. Home Visits are recommended when a Master Gardner or the Agent cannot fully answer a client's plant or horticulture question without the benefit of inspecting the issue at the client's property.

Other sources for Home Visits come from fellow Master Gardeners and their neighbors.

MAIN EDUCATION/TRAINING TASKS: Master Gardeners answer plant, landscaping and other horticulture questions at the client's home. Often there is follow-up research required for which the volunteers earn credit. For this the Master Gardener volunteer will contact the home owner by phone or e-mail to respond with the additional information. The Home Visit report information is shared with the Hotline Chairs, the Extension Agent and NMSU through yearly summary reports.

BENEFICIARIES OF THE PROJECT: The Sandoval County public residents and Master Gardeners are the beneficiaries of this project. Sandoval County Master Gardeners may earn Hotline Volunteer credit for participating in this project. Master Gardener Veteran and Intern volunteers learn from visual knowledge of the horticultural landscape and plant specimens.

LIST ANY RESTRICTIONS OR SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Master Gardener Veterans typically volunteer to attend home visit requests. Interns should accompany a Veteran Master Gardener on a Home Visit. It is desirable that more than one volunteer attend a home visit to benefit from the volunteer experience and to provide for security. It is important to know that volunteers are meeting with the owner of the property, or have permission from the owner to meet with a renter or landscaper.

All Home Visits completed by Master Gardeners must be recorded on the Home Visit report form. One person should be assigned to complete the report if multiple volunteers attend the visit. Copies of the report should be maintained by the project chair(s), and a copy is sent or emailed to the Extension Office. The project chairs(s) write a summary report on all home visits completed by the end of the fiscal year. Mid-year reports can be made to the SCMG Board as needed by the project chairs.

Contact: Sandoval County Master Gardeners Sandra Liakus and John Zarola.