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Training Coordinators

1. Coordinate with the Board and the Sandoval County Extension Agent regarding the training location, dates, speakers and advertising
2. Order supplies, e.g. binders, dividers, manuals
3. When the manuals arrive, make sure they are complete ( not missing any sections) and haven’t been revised
4. Compare the tests to the manual to make sure that the tests and testing reference sheet are correct
5. Collect and organize NMSU handouts (pre-printed brochures) for each class
6. Copy and organize any misc materials that are used as class handouts.
7. Copy tests and evaluation sheets
8. Obtain list of applicants and schedule interviews
9. Interview applicants and select trainees
10. Prepare trainee name tags and label the trainee folders
11. Grade exams and enter in Grade Spreadsheet
12. Maintain attendance record
13. Assist with set-up (tables and chairs, computer and overhead projector, signs) and clean-up allowing sufficient time to be prepared for the start of each class
14. etc. at the beginning of each training session
15. Coordinate the final class in conjunction with the Master Gardener Coordinator, the Board and the Annual Meeting Turn in attendance, grade records and evaluation forms to the Extension Office
16. Report to the Board on the progress of the training class
17. Prepare a Summary Report including recommendations for the subsequent year and submit it to the Master Gardener Coordinator and the Sandoval County Extension Agent by October 1
18. Meet with the person who will assume this position the following year to pass along the protocol and any other pertinent details
19. Perform other duties as requested by the Master Gardener Coordinator and the Sandoval County Extension Agent.