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Volunteer Hours

Sandoval County Master Gardeners earn volunteer hours through the Hotline, assisting in various ways with SCMG Training Classes, SCMG Projects, approved continuing Education Programs in horticultural and participating in the Rio Rancho WaterWise Garden, Plant Clinics, Village of Corrales Landscaping project, Special Conferences, Seminars and other approved projects.

Tips for Completing New 2013 Volunteer Hours Form

1) Make sure to use the form titled SCMG Volunteer/Education Hours. Do not use the previous years form which was titled Sandoval County Master Gardeners Volunteer/Continuing Education Hours Form. The old form does not reflect current policy on hours.

2) Time spent in the intern class should be shown on the first line of the education section labeled SCMG Training Class. If you attended all of every class session, you would have 16 hours each in Jan, Feb, and Mar; and 8 hours in April. Attendance at other classes should be entered on the lines below the first line. Please add the title of the course.

3) If you were on staff for any class (including the intern class) and also sat through the class, count the class time under education and the support time under volunteer hours. So, for example, if you arrived an hour early to set up, and then attended the class for 2 hours, and then stayed 30 minutes after to clean up, you would report that day as 1.5 hours under gardening classes/education in the volunteer section and 2 hours in the education section. If the class hours included a mix of time with you paying attention to the class and also having to take some support actions, report the time either as education or volunteer (your choice) not both.

4) If you were a mentor, report your mentor time as volunteer hours. If you attended the intern class and spent some time with your interns and some time paying attention to the class, you can report the time as volunteer or education (your choice) not both.