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Brochures (PDF format)

  • Defensible Zones
    Create an effective defensible space around a structure by treating, clearing or reducing fuels and vegetation, to slow the spread of wildfire towards the structure. It also reduces the chance of a structure fire moving from the building to the surrounding forest. Defensible space provides room for the firefighters to do their jobs.
  • Plant Materials
    Ways to modify nearby vegetation to reduce a wildfire’s intensity.
  • Grass Seed Mixes to Reduce Wildfire Hazard
    Using the correct grass seed mix to create wildfire defensible zones.

  • Present Danger - New Mexico's Wildfire Threat
    Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Dept Forestry Division's Forest Health Initiative is looking at numerous solutions to implement pre-fire activities throughout New Mexico.
  • Fire Tool or Terror?
    The captivating images for this video bring to life the intensity that fire can have as a useful tool and a powerful force. Fire, ideal for elementary and secondary science classes or anyone interested in forestry and ecology, takes a look at the many benefits fire bring when used correctly.

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  • Restoring the Promise
    The Carrizo Demonstration project, located on the Lincoln National Forest in South Central New Mexico, is designed to restore and sustain water quality and quantity, increase natural food production for wildlife and livestock, improve scenic quality, and increase the biological diversity by managing the area based on ecological principles.

    Price: $12.95 plus shipping & handling
    To order call 1-888-750-4656 or email:

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