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Ph.D. Colorado State University
M.S. Colorado State University
B.S. Colorado State University


Professor, New Mexico State University, 1988 to present.
Associate Professor, New Mexico State University, 1983 to 1988.
Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University, 1978 to 1983.

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water policy; resource economics

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Agricultural Policy, Business and Economics, Ecology and Conservation, Water Edit

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"Economic impact of alternative policy responses to prolonged and severe drought in the Rio Grande Basin"
The abstract of an article on alternative policies to reduce drought impacts on the Rio Grande.


Economic Costs and Benefits of Instream Flow Protection for Endangered Species in an International Basin
Key terms: water policy; instream flow; endangered species; irrigation; modeling; water law
Is Dominant Use Management Compatible with Basin wide Economic Efficiency?
Managing reservoir systems for economic efficiency requires maximizing total economic benefits over all water uses, time periods, and locations. This paper presents results derived from a basin optimization model that solves both multiple use and dominant use management objective functions.