eSource: Searching Our Database

Below are some tips for using the eSource Advanced Search feature.

To search an entire Resource Type select the desired resource and hit the search button. Remember: you must select a Resource Type for each search.

Resource Type chooser
Figure 1. Finding all Powerpoint presentations.

To refine your search, also choose one or more specific categories and hit the search button. If you choose more than one, it will return resources that match any of the categories you choose, even if they don't match all.

Category selection
Figure 2. Refining the search to include two categories.

To search using a keyword, select a Resource Type, enter a keyword, and hit submit.

Keyword searching
Figure 3. Finding resources with the phrase "digital camera" in the description.

To search for resources that a specific person submitted, use the Author field. For example, to search for a PowerPoint presentation that Dr. Chamberlin submitted to eSource, use Chamberlin in the Author field and choose PowerPoint presentation as the Resource Type.

Finding by author
Figure 4. Finding resources by a specific person.

All of the search options can be used together or in different combinations such as those listed above.