eSource: Creating a Research Poster in PowerPoint

Handy tip or trick

Use the tools available in Microsoft PowerPoint to help you create an effective and professional looking research poster. Use text boxes, borders, and tables when creating your content.

1. Adjust the slide dimensions appropriately
Make sure your poster is sized correctly for the printer. Leave enough of a margin on the top, bottom and sides. Depending on the printer, you may need a one-inch margin on all sides.

2. Ruler, Grid and Guide
Use the ruler, grid, and guide to help you align text boxes, headings, and images. Everything should be aligned to something—all headings, spacing between text boxes, group of images.

3. Use text boxes for the content
Create text boxes and add your content and pictures. It is easier to move and resize the box if needed.

4. Create tables to organize data
Drawing tables allows data to be organized neatly in a presentable way.

5. Group items together
Group like items together (headings, text boxes, images). It’s easier to “move” the items together instead of each object individually.

6. Use high quality images
Use the highest quality images you possibly can. If you use a low resolution image, it will appear pixilated when it’s enlarged. Add a border around the image to make it stand out.

7. Resize images correctly
If you need to resize an image, do not “drag” it from the sides. Instead, use Format Picture to size it correctly or use the “corner handles” of the image.

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