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You may have heard of podcasts and iTunes U, but what is all the buzz about? Learn why podcasting can be a great tool to reach new audiences with the latest content.

1. Podcasts are free informational files that can be created and utilized by everyone. Podcasts can be simple audio files, narrated slideshows, or full videos. They can be accessed through iTunes individually or subscribed to as a series.

2. Learn specifics in creating a professional script, as well as tips on branding your materials to give them a more polished finish.

3. You'll need a computer with an internet connection. Both MACs and PCs are compatible. Next, you'll need three free software downloads; iTunes, Audacity, and the LAME Encoder. Finally, you'll need a headset or a microphone with speakers.



LAME Encoder

NMSU iTunes U

Submitted by: Admin ACES Technology Help Desk
Date submitted: 10/05/2012