eSource: Podcasting- Creating a Podcast Script

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There are three basic parts to a successful podcast.

1. Opening

  • The opening bumper should state the title, give a brief overview, and include background music. If the podcast will include images or video, be sure that it has a branded appearance. For official templates, visit NMSU's Branding site.

  • 2. Content
  • Write a script before trying to record your audio. Have the script proofread and practice it at least once. Add cues to remind you where to pause, add emphasis, etc. Don't be afraid to make mistakes in your recording, just say "cut" and try again, the file can always be edited later. Be sure to save your Audacity project file as well as the MP3 export.

  • 3. Closing
  • As with the opening, the closing bumper should be recorded in a gender opposite that of the content and should include background music. It should also point the audience to a source for more information related to the podcast. A podcast must use references, funding information, and copyrights where necessary.

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