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Learn the different techniques when writing your podcast script.

1. Provide an overview, then give specifics

  • In your Podcast, give a short overview on what your listeners can expect. This is especially important if you will be covering a couple different topics, as it allows your users to scroll forward and skip anything that doesn't interest them.

  • 2. Write tight
  • In audio, you need to get to the point. Eliminate redundancy and find shorter ways to say things. Write succinctly to keep their attention.

  • 3. Write for the ear and your tongue
  • When writing, read it out loud; if it isn't easy to say, re-write it. You'll want to use shorter sentences and conversational vocabulary. Avoid numbers and dollar signs and write out the numbers.

  • 4. Be active, positive and present-tense
  • Avoid passive voice descriptions in which the action is done unto something, instead of something doing the action. Avoid negative words such as "not", "no", "don't", "doesn't", "won't", etc. Phrase things in the present tense as much as possible. Avoid passive voice and the negative and use present tense.

  • 5. Make it personal
  • Imagine you are writing for one person, a friend who trusts your information and opinions. How would you make your topic of interest to them? How would you make sure you would keep their attention during the 5 minutes you have with them at a dinner party? Ultimately, a Podcast is a one-to-one relationship between the listener and you. Make a connection with them by making them feel you have them in mind.

  • Writing Checklist

    1. Is there a short overview?
    2. Have you removed as much text as possible?
    3. Have long or awkward sentences been removed?
    4. Are numbers re-written as words?
    5. Have passive verbs been replaced with active tense?
    6. Have negative words like "don't", "can't" and "won't" been removed?
    7. Is present tense used throughout?
    8. Would a listener feel you are talking directly to them?

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