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With some basic equipment, you can record broadcasts on your computer and publish them to the Internet for others to download and listen to on their computer or mobile device. Make your recording smooth and entertaining by spending some time polishing it up with Audacity. Use Audacity to combine multiple tracks, get the best sections of each track, delete awkward pauses, or to add embellishments.

Cut Out The Bloopers
1. Open your narration within Audacity.
2. Highlight any problematic areas in the file.
3. Hit delete to remove those sections.

Add Bumbers and Music
To make your podcast more entertaining, consider adding bumpers, which include music along with a brief description of the podcast in the introduction, and contact or funding information in the closing.
1. Open your narration within Audacity.
2. Open the Project menu.
3. Select Import Audio and browse to locate additional audio files.

Keep your project organized by labeling and ordering each track by using the Time Shift Tool . The top track should contain your introduction bumper, followed by the narration, closing, and music file.
1. To create a fade, highlight the first few seconds of your intro music and choose Effect>Fade In.
2. Create a fade out at the end of the intro music by following the same steps.

For a smoother transition, and to have the music play softly under your narration, move the marks farther out.

Adjust the narration track so it begins at the appropriate moment. Select the Time Shift Tool, then click-and-drag the narration track so it lines up with the spot in your intro music where you want it to begin for example, where the music begins to fade out.

When you are satisfied with your recording, save the project file and export as the desired file format to be published on iTunes U or a similar site.

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Date submitted: 10/05/2012
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