eSource: How to Reduce the size of your PowerPoint photos
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eSource: How to Reduce the size of your PowerPoint photos

Handy tip or trick

It is easy to get *huge* PowerPoint presentations when you have a lot of photos. There is a simple "cheat" to make these files smaller.

Your images may be a lot bigger than they need to be in PowerPoint. Imagine you import an image into PowerPoint, but it is too big... so you grag the corners and drag them, scaling the size of your image. You think you've made your image smaller... what you've *really* done is made the image *appear* smaller... but PowerPoint still stores it as the huge image. You can double check by double-clicking the image to look at the "format picture" options. Notice that it will show you what *percent* the image is scaled (such as 25%).

To work around... control + click the image and "save the picture". Save it someplace easy where you can delete it later (like the desktop). Then, delete the image from the slide, and import the new image from where you put it. When PowerPoint saves the image as a JPEG, it actually resizes it, making it the size you want it, rather than simply scaling it.

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Submitted by: Barbara Chamberlin
Date submitted: 06/20/2005, last modified 08/06/2009
Categories: Computers and Technology