eSource: Command Shortcuts for PowerPoint
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eSource: Command Shortcuts for PowerPoint

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While viewing your PowerPoint slide show, you can use a combination of keys to control your presentation.

*Note* When in PowerPoint "view slide show" mode, you can pull up the following shortcut menu by pressing F5.

Advance to the next slide = 'N', left click, space, right or down arrow, enter, or page down

Return to the previous slide = 'P', backspace, left or up arrow, or page up

Go to that slide = Number followed by enter

Black/Unblack the screen = 'B' or '.'

White/Unwhite the screen = 'W' or ','

Show/Hide the arrow pointer = 'A' or '='

Stop/Restart automatic show = 'S' or '+'

End slide show = Esc, Ctrl+Break, or '-'

Erase Drawing on screen = 'E'

Go to hidden slide = 'H'

Rehearse, New time = 'T'

Rehearse, Original time = 'O'

Rehearse, Advance on mouse click = 'M'

Return to first slide = Hold both buttons for 2 seconds

Change pointer to pen = Ctrl+P

Change pointer to arrow = Ctrl+A

Change pointer to eraser = Ctrl+E

Hide pointer and button = Ctrl+H

Automatically show/hide arrow = Ctrl+U

Popup menu/previous slide = Right mouse click

All slides dialog = Ctrl+S

View task bar = Ctrl+T

Show/Hide ink markup = Ctrl+M

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