eSource: EXCEL: Date and Time
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eSource: EXCEL: Date and Time

Handy tip or trick

Do you need the current date and time entered in a cell on your EXCEL worksheet?

Use Excel's NOW function, to plug the current date and time into your spreadsheet. Just enter =NOW( ) into any cell, and Excel displays the current date and time.

If you only want to see the date, use the TODAY function, =TODAY( ), instead.

If you'd like to use either of these functions as a type of time/date stamp, this may not be what you want to do, because they're automatically updated whenever you open your worksheet. The cell displaying today's date will display tomorrow's date when you open the spreadsheet the following day.

To insert a fixed date into a cell (a date you don't want to change) hold down CTRL while you press the semicolon (;) key. To insert the current time without the date, press CTRL+SHIFT+semicolon.

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Date submitted: 12/14/2005, last modified 10/02/2012
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