eSource: EXCEL: Do Not Print
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eSource: EXCEL: Do Not Print

Handy tip or trick

When it's time to print your EXCEL worksheet, you may not want to print some information. There may be confidential information such as employee salaries or personal information in a column which you may want to hide.

To avoid printing specific rows or columns, simply hide them before printing. To hide rows, select them by clicking the row numbers (click and drag to select a block of rows; hold down CTRL while clicking to select non-adjacent rows). Then click on the Home tab. In the Cells group, click the Format tab and select Hide/Unhide.

Use the same procedure to hide columns but click a highlighted column letter to choose HIDE.

When you're finished printing, you can quickly unhide all rows or columns by selecting the entire worksheet (click the blank gray box formed by the intersection of the row and column borders at the top left corner of your spreadsheet). Then right click a row or column border and choose UNHIDE.

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Date submitted: 12/14/2005, last modified 10/02/2012
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