eSource: Creating Stronger Passwords

Handy tip or trick

Create a strong password using these five simple steps.

Five Steps

  1. Think of a memorable sentence as the basis of your password or phrase.
    Example-"I love Hatch green chile."
  2. Convert your sentence to a password.
    Example-"ilhgc", using every first letter.
  3. Make your password more complex by mixing upper and lower case letters.
    Example-"IlHgC", changing the case of several letters.
  4. Then, substitute some special characters and/or symbols.
    Example-"I1H9C", substituting numbers.
  5. Finally, test your password with Password Checker. Password Checker helps determine your password’s strength for you.

Microsoft Password Checker

Other Tips
  1. Make it lengthy.
  2. Use the entire keyboard.
  3. Use letters, numbers, and symbols.
  4. Avoid using your username.
  5. Use more than one password for multiple accounts.
  6. Never share your password, especially based on an unsolicited e-mail request.

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