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Web sites

ABCD Memo Distribution
ABCD is the group of people NMSU administrative memos are regularly distributed to. Click the link below to view their site, check the archives, and find instructions on how to subscribe to the email list.
ACES Technology Help Desk
Help for all your technology questions relating to hardware or software applications, Centra session, Video Conferencing, or upgrading your computer.
NMSU ACES Branded Templates
Here, you'll find 3 sets of NMSU Branded documents created by the ACES Technology Help Desk. Each set includes a PowerPoint template, as well as Word. There is also a general newsletter template for use with Word.
Saving a File in PDF Format
Microsoft Office 2010

Handy tips and tricks

Choosing a Webcam
Webcams are useful with communication programs such as Skype, Google Talk, Oovoo, Windows Live Messenger, and CENTRA. Follow these steps to choose the webcam that's right for you.
Command Shortcuts for PowerPoint
While viewing your PowerPoint slide show, you can use a combination of keys to control your presentation.
Conference Call- Digital D4223/D4225 Telephone
You can have a conference call with up to four people at a time. Learn how to do this in just a few easy steps!
Creating a PDF
Create PDF documents anyone can look at with the free Acrobat Reader. Anyone can view your document with the original fonts, graphics and layout.
Creating a Research Poster in PowerPoint
Use the tools available in Microsoft PowerPoint to help you create an effective and professional looking research poster. Use text boxes, borders, and tables when creating your content.
Creating Stronger Passwords
Create a strong password using these five simple steps.
Doodle Scheduling
Doodle offers a wide selection of online services that take the pain out of finding the right date and time for meetings and makes scheduling virtually effortless. This online service saves time for millions of its users by simplifying the process of scheduling events.
EXCEL: Date and Time
Do you need the current date and time entered in a cell on your EXCEL worksheet?
EXCEL: Do Not Print
When it's time to print your EXCEL worksheet, you may not want to print some information. There may be confidential information such as employee salaries or personal information in a column which you may want to hide.
Exchange Webpage
When away from your work machine you can access your email though a webpage. It also works when outlook is having problems.
Exporting PST Files From Outlook
The personal storage folder (.pst) feature allows you to save and back up your data. You can back up contacts, messages, journal entries, tasks, appointments and notes in .pst files.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Want to use keyboard shortcuts to cut down on time spent searching through menus? Here are a couple websites that have a list of keyboard shortcuts.
MS Word: AutoCorrect Tool
The AutoCorrect feature in MS Word automatically corrects many common typing and spelling errors, and can also insert text automatically for you.
NMSU Facilities Map
Use these map resources to help you find your way around campus!
Outlook 2010 Add A Signature
Best practices recommend keeping it simple, keeping it in plain text (no HTML or pictures) and include your basic contact information.
Podcasting- Creating a Podcast Script
There are three basic parts to a successful podcast.
Podcasting- Extension Podcast Plunge
You may have heard of podcasts and iTunes U, but what is all the buzz about? Learn why podcasting can be a great tool to reach new audiences with the latest content.
Podcasting- Polishing Your Podcast
With some basic equipment, you can record broadcasts on your computer and publish them to the Internet for others to download and listen to on their computer or mobile device. Make your recording smooth and entertaining by spending some time polishing it up with Audacity. Use Audacity to combine multiple tracks, get the best sections of each track, delete awkward pauses, or to add embellishments.
Podcasting- Writing Your Podcast Script
Learn the different techniques when writing your podcast script.
PowerPoint 2010 Templates
Download NMSU and ACES branded templates for use in your PowerPoint presentations. Templates can contain layouts, theme colors, theme fonts, theme effects, background styles, and even content.
Selecting Text in MS Word 2010
To move text or copy it from one place to another in Word, you have to select it first. You can also erase text by selecting it and pressing the Delete key, so it pays to know how to select text.
Ten Qualities of an Effective PowerPoint Presentation
Knowing how to use PowerPoint is just one step in creating an effective presentation. Careful planning and preparation can help you create a presentation appropriate for your audience.
The Basics of an Effective Web Search
Doing a search is simple. Just type one or more search terms (the word or phrase which best describes what you want to find) into the search box and hit the Enter key or click Search. With all of the updated search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, searching for something has never been so easy.
Using a Network Drive
Haven't used your new network drives? Follow these simple steps to get started!
Using the BCC field in Outlook
Using the BCC field allows you to send your email to as many people as you like without giving each address to every one the list. When you send a message and utilize the BCC field, you are respecting the privacy of each individual recipient.
Windows 7 Import Wizard
The Import Wizard takes most of the work out of importing your photos to your Pictures Library. The Wizard automatically detects and imports only new photos that have been taken since the last import.

Templates and Forms

Branding Template for Brochures (Inside Panel: Word Format)
Use this template for 3-fold Brochures in Word Format that can be imported into Publisher or other applications.
Branding Template for Brochures (Outside Panel: Word Format)
Use this template for 3-fold Brochures in Word Format that can be imported into Publisher or other applications.
NMSU 4H Template (PowerPoint Format)
NMSU 4H PowerPoint Template
NMSU AEAB PowerPoint Template (PowerPoint format)
NMSU AEAB PowerPoint Template
NMSU Agricultural Experiment Station Template (PowerPoint Format)
NMSU Agricultural Experiment Station PowerPoint Template
NMSU Agronomy and Horticulture Template (PowerPoint format)
NMSU AGHORT PowerPoint Template
NMSU Animal and Range Sciences Template (PowerPoint format)
NMSU Animal and Range Sciences PowerPoint Template
NMSU Cooperative Extension Service Template (PowerPoint format)
NMSU CES PowerPoint Template
NMSU EPPWS Template (PowerPoint format)
NMSU EPPWS PowerPoint Template
NMSU Family and Consumer Sciences Template (PowerPoint format)
NMSU FCS PowerPoint Template
NMSU Fishery and Wildlife Sciences Template (PowerPoint format)
NMSU WLSC PowerPoint Template
NMSU Flight Training Center Template (PowerPoint format)
NMSU Flight Training Center PowerPoint Template
NMSU Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management PowerPoint Template (PowerPoint format)
NMSU HRTM PowerPoint Template
Recover my Files
Windows Defender


ACES Address Book Instructions for @nmsu Emails
If you're using Outlook and have an @nmsu email address you can still access the ACES phone book.
ACES Address Book Instructions via Exchange
Find out how to get the latest ACES Address book updates for your email client.
Compressing Images in PowerPoint
Images in a PowerPoint presentation will increase the file size. Large files may be impossible to send as attachments and may be difficult to open. Compress your images and reduce the file size of your presentation
Connecting Your Laptop To A Projector
Multimedia projectors function as a modern day replacement for a slide projector, transparency adapter, or a whiteboard. Follow this step-by-step guide for easy setup.
Cooperative Extension Service
The entire state is our campus. We have research and teaching faculty in your community as well as volunteers, 4-H leaders, and advisory board members. We are the people of New Mexico State University's Cooperative Extension Service, located in 33 county offices, many agricultural science centers, and several other district, state and tribal locations. Our job is to bring science to your life.
Creating an Apple ID Without a Credit Card on I-Devices
How to create an Apple ID on your iPad, iPod and iPhone without using your credit card.
Creating Apple ID On Computer Without A Credit Card
Creating an AppleID on a computer without a credit card
Creating Styles in MS Word
Although Word includes many built-in styles, you may need to modify some of them, or create new styles of your own.
Data Protection Manager (DPM) Basics
Data Protection Manager (DPM) provides backups for many ACES systems. This overview provides basic information about DPM such as, when to call for help and how to tell when your data was last backed up.
Fixing Internet Explorer Vulnerability
Google Docs
Google Docs is a free, Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and form application offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users.
Resources for English grammar guidelines and questions.
Graphics Fundamentals
Here you will find the basic information to make sure your graphics look their very best!
How to Use Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop allows users to remotely control other computers. This Tip Sheet has step-by-step instructions.
Installing Carbonite Business
How to download, install, setup and customize Carbonite Business backups.
Introduction to YouTube
A quick start on creating and personalizing a YouTube account, as well as Upload information and an overview of available options.
Mango CMS Manual
This manual covers all of the tools you'll use when building or updating your department website with Mango CMS.
MangoCMS - Files & Images
Add pictures and downloadable content to your webpage by uploading the files to MangoCMS.
MangoCMS - Headers & Easy Text
Learn how to structure your page and add informational content with Headers and Easy Text sections.
MangoCMS - Internal & External Links
Learn how to use internal and external links appropriately in your departmental webpage. CMS makes it easy.
Merging PowerPoint Presentations
It is possible to merge PowerPoint presentations, converting all the slides to the same design template, or keeping each presentations look. Merging presentations is convenient when you have multiple speakers and do not want to change computers between each speaker.
Narration In Powerpoint
Check out this handy tip sheet on Recording Narration in PowerPoint to bring your next presentation to life! Also learn how to save your presentation as a movie file!
NMSU Branding Color Palette
NMSU's Branding Color Palette (Primary, Secondary, Third Tier Colors). Includes Spot, Process, HTML and RGB color guides.
Use the VPN client to access NMSU restricted data and applications, to change the IP address of your computer to make it appear it is on the NMSU network, and to encrypt data to keep your confidential information private.
Northern District Technology Training
Review the presentation that was given to the Northern District. It covers such as technology policies, tools, tips, and applications.
Office 2010 Reference Guide
Need some help with Office 2010. Get a nice overview on the basics with this guide!
Online Maps
Use these online map resources to get driving directions, mileage, and more!
Organizing Email:
Read this PDF and learn to organize your My NMSU email by deleting old messages and creating subfolders for your mail!
Organizing your email with Microsoft Outlook
Get the basics of storing Outlook information, and learn to manage information so E-mail becomes a time saver instead of a time waster. You'll discover how to create folders, move and copy information, and manipulate properties to fine-tune your folders.
Permission for Use of Materials
Consent Form
Polycom Display Setup
Depending on the needs of the audience, a Polycom videoconferencing unit can be set to display on a monitor or a projector.
PowerPoint 2010 Templates
Download NMSU and ACES branded templates for use in your PowerPoint presentations. Templates can contain layouts, theme colors, theme fonts, theme effects, background styles, and even content.
Release for On-Camera Appearance
Consent Form
Review Tools in MS Word
Reviewing Tools in MS Word allows you to easily make and view tracked changes and comments in a document. It is easy to share the file with MAC and PC users, and saves everyone the hassle of printing the document and making changes or comments by hand. Once changes or comments have been made, it is just as easy to accept or decline changes and finalize your document.
Tables in MS Word
Tables in MS Word are an efficient way to line up text and graphics. Use them to organize any and all information into an easy-to-read format.
Understanding Digital Photos: File Size & Resolution
It can be confusing to print and use digital photos, file sizes seem to change, and some images are larger or smaller than we want. Understanding file size and resolution are key aspects of using digital photos.
Using a USB
Wanna learn the basics of using a USB drive? Read through or print this PDF for a handy tip sheet on the proper use of your flash drive.
Using an Email Auto-Reply
When you are away from your computer, create an auto-reply email that will be sent out every time you receive a message.
Using Google
The Google search engine has several special features, including the ability to generate maps, perform mathematical calculations, equations and conversions, find images and display out-of-date pages (archived).
Using Images in PowerPoint
Photos can make PowerPoint presentations very large. Resizing images for PowerPoint can make file sizes more manageable.
What is Centra?
Centra is an excellent tool for classes, meetings, training sessions, and certification events. It saves travel time and cost and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Windows Live Messenger
Create a Windows Live account and install Windows Live Messenger. Live can be used for instant communication with colleagues, as well as remote IT assistance.
Wireless Network Access
Wireless networks are available and can be used to access the internet from any existing Hot Spot. Hot Spots are an area where wireless communication is available.
Word 2010 Reference Guide
Need some help with Word 2010. Get a nice overview on the basics with this guide!

Clip Art

Civil Rights Handicap Symbol
County College Logo

Other Files

Social Media in Extension
Use of Facebook, Twitter and Blogs in Extension.

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