Tracey Carrillo

Assistant Director/Sr. Program Manager, Agricultural Experiment Station Administration
Assistant Director/Sr. Program Manager, Fabian Garcia Research Center
Assistant Director/Sr. Program Manager, Leyendecker Plant Science Research Center
Expertise Crops
Expertise Detail Inspect various field crops for noxious and invasive weed species, approve forage and seed crops to be certified in the state of NM., work collectively with New Mexico Department of agriculture to maintain the genetic quality of foundation and improved varieties of seed and forage, facilitate regulations and guidelines for seed production and certification. interact with growers, field men and processors to educate, inform and collaborate with, to achieve standards set by NM seed law.
Office Location Gerald Thomas Hall/Leyendecker/Fabian Garcia
Office Phone 575-646-3125
Cell Phone 575-639-5110
FAX 575-646-2816
Associations AES

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