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Mobley Family Endowed Distinguished Research Award

Those attributes that pertain to exemplary research may include: contributions to citable scientific literature, recognition from the scientific community, inclusion on peer review panels, development of practical applications of societal impact arising from the individual's research, and development of a clear record of research results upon which other scientists may build.

Any full-time faculty member of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, who has been employed for three consecutive years, is eligible to receive the award.

Nomination Deadline:
March 1

Alumni, students, or employees of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences may nominate. The nomination will be forwarded to the Dean's office accompanied by a minimum of documenting evidence, which will include:

  • A statement of the nominee's research responsibility and supervising or coordinating activities concerned with research
  • A statement of nominee's contribution to agriculture or home economics in New Mexico, the region, and the nation. The contribution may be of immediate recognition and application, or it may be that which is judged to have a definite potential of future significance
  • A statement attesting to why the research should be considered for the award and what makes the research effort noteworthy at the time the person is to be considered for the award
  • Supporting statement by the nominee's immediate supervisor.
  • One page list of pertinent publications

Recipient will receive:
A certificate, a medal and cash award

Mail letters of nomination to:
Awards Committee c/o
Dean, College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
P.O. Box 30003, MSC 3AG
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM 88003

On-campus address:
Gerald Thomas Hall
Room 220

Typed nomination letters may be sent to The Dean's Office.

Past winners:

  • John H. Knox
  • Glen Staten
  • James R. Gray
  • Glyn O. Throneberry
  • D.W. Francis
  • Arnold B. Nelson
  • Billy A. Melton
  • David C. H. Hsi
  • H. Grant Kinzer
  • Joe Ellington
  • W. Atmar
  • Earl E. Ray
  • Robert R. Lansford
  • Roy M. Nakayama
  • Peter J. Wierenga
  • Ralph B. Turner
  • Rex D. Pieper
  • Dick D. Davis
  • George A. O'Connor
  • G. Stanley Smith
  • David L. Zartman
  • Mercedes Hoskins
  • Tom S. Clevenger
  • Jerry Holechek
  • Joe Corgan
  • Richard A. Cole
  • Michael L. Galyean
  • M. Karl Wood
  • Allen Torell
  • Dennis M. Hallford
  • Joe Wallace
  • Champa Gopalan
  • Paul Bosland
  • Frank A. Ward
  • Mary A. O'Connell
  • Marisa Wall
  • Jill Schroeder
  • Rhonda Skaggs
  • Roy Cantrell
  • H. Curtis Monger
  • Milt Thomas
  • John Mexal
  • Gary Roemer
  • David Cowley
  • William Lindemann
  • Rolston St. Hilaire
  • Kirk McDaniel
  • Esther Devall
  • Christopher S. Cramer
  • Bernhard Leinauer
  • Geno A. Picchioni
  • Brian Hurd*

*Indicates current recipient